When you are extremely excited about going on a vacation whether it is a bondi beach tour or wherever then despite what you have planned for vacations, you will most likely share those moments with your followers on social media. However, no matter what platform you opt to post on whether it be Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you must follow proper safety measures while using social media. You have to be careful on social media when you are on your vacation, you need to be prudent about how frequently you share stuff, what and when you post it. Moreover, your acquaintances might be following your account, but thieves and scammers might be following them as well.
Hence, here are some tips that will help you know how to be careful on social media when you are on vacation.

Turn off your location

The navigation on your phone frequently works in the background if it is not turned off . you need to disable your location from the settings to make sure nobody can locate where you are. Because if you post a picture of yourself having fun at a place or having a meal at a fancy restaurant with the location services turned on you might have given your live location to the people following you through geotag (GPS based). The geotag gives away the data at what location the picture was captured and can give your current location to your followers and strangers, relying upon your privacy settings.

Restricted Privacy setting

Put restrictions on your settings thus only your close acquaintance and family can see the pictures you put on it. Moreover, though you can make and add new contacts on your social media account in just seconds, still you should add only those people in your account as a friend who you know personally. Be alert if any changes are made to your social media’s account and set limits on who can reach your data.

Post about your vacation once you get back home

Never post your pictures on social media if you are still on vacation. Make sure that you do not disclose whatever your vacation ideas are beforehand or while you are yet away from your home. You can play safe by sharing your pictures and posting details about your vacation once you get back home.
Vacations are meant for peace of mind and relaxing time for you and your family or acquaintance. Vacations are great and indeed, you would like to create memories by capturing them and posting them on social media. Just be careful about what you post, when and where you post it. Make sure that your location services are turned off from your phone and your social media and have restrictions on privacy settings. Moreover, never post your plans on social media, always post about your vacation once you get back home to be safe and to avoid any danger. Hence, these tips will let you know how to be careful when you are on vacation.